Topographical LiDAR

We at David Bodo and Associates Inc. are pleased and excited to offer 3D LiDAR survey technology. Our 3D Scanner gives DETAILED, MEASURABLE PICTURES.

This information gives us many more applications than a traditional survey.

For instance, just some of the uses for a topographical survey include:

Land Developers and Roadway Engineers

A 3D scan of a site gives you the pre-existing site conditions you need to know before you begin a project. Know ahead of time any slope of the land, how much contouring must be done, water erosion issues, water flow, where drain tile will be needed, how potential buildings will fit on the land. This information can be vital whether planning a residential development, a business complex, or a roadway/ bridge.

As Built Surveys

A 3D scan provides a detailed map of a project that has been built. It will showcase a finished product. This type of scan is also excellent to use in planning restoration projects like older houses, buildings, or bridges.

Quantity Surveys

A 3D scan can give you accurate volume inventories. For instance, a mulch business can get an accurate inventory of mulch piles through a 3D scan.

Vegetation Inventory

A 3D scan will give you an accurate count of trees/ deadfall in an area. This is useful for forestry, logging, conservation requirements, and mandated vegetation replacement around building projects.

Road/ Bridge/ Railway Surveys

3D scans give detailed mapping of roadways, bridges, intersections, and railways. And, our crews can work more safely from the side of the road/railway while gathering this invaluable information.

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Topographical LiDAR
Topographical LiDAR
Topographical LiDAR
Topographical LiDAR
Topographical LiDAR
Topographical LiDAR

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