Technology & Capabilities

Technology & Capabilites


4 full time field crew members with 45+ aggregate years experience with David Bodo & Associates, Inc.

Land Surveyors

2 Ohio Licensed Professional Surveyors

CAD Draftsman

4 Full-Time CAD draftsman

Lidar Specialist

2 Full Time Lidar Specialists

HR/Safety Specialist

Manages all aspects of day-to-day operations: safety compliance, client requests, human resources

Surveying Equipment

3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Our Riegl 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner allows us to provide detailed and highly accurate 3D data rapidly and efficiently.

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3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner
3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner Mobile - Truck Mounted
3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner Landscape

Additional Equipment


Right of Way Development

Ohio Department of Transportation’s Office of Consultant Services has approved David Bodo and Associates, Inc.’s technical prequalification's for Right of Way Plan Development.

Our Roots Are In Carroll County

We Proudly Serve All 88 Ohio Counties

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